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Dr Catterson will provide comprehensive, clinical assessment and appropriate investigation.

Conditions that can be assessed and treated are any injury or pain to:

• Shoulder • Back • Knee
• Elbow • Pelvis and Hip • Lower Leg
• Wrist and Hand • Thigh • Foot and Ankle

Diagnostic Ultrasound:

I have undergone specialised training in the use of ultrasound for diagnostic purposes. This scan is excellent for diagnosing a number of injuries to specific areas, including: tendons, ligaments and soft tissue structures.

Injection Therapy

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Why physiotherapy is important?

The management of sports injuries often requires a team approach to help you reach your goals. Once a diagnosis of your injury is made it is likely that you will require a period of rehabilitation which can be guided and supervised by a physiotherapist. It is also often advised to consult with a physiotherapist after injection therapy treatments as a combined approach of injection plus physio may lead to better outcomes.

What may physiotherapy consist of?

• Manual therapy
• Mobilisation & manipulation of joints
• Biomechanical assessments
• Taping
• Dry needling & acupuncture
• Exercise prescription

Where should you go for physiotherapy?

If you have been referred to the sports medicine clinic from your physiotherapist I would advise that you continue your care with them and a report will be provided to share with your physiotherapist. Newcastle Sports Medicine are an affiliated partner to Physiotherapy Matters who offer sports injury expertise from three Newcastle based clinics. To book an appointment with Physiotherapy Matters call 0191 285 8701 or visit the website for more information at www.physiotherapymatters.co.uk.

Drug Therapy

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